Hot Stone (LaStone ©) Therapy

The hot stone technique uses flat, smooth, heated stones in massage therapy to transmit the heat retained in the stone into the joints and muscles. The heat warms the muscles, deeply relaxes them and improves circulation. This allows the therapist to work to a deeper level, if desired. Massage with heated stones is variation of classical massage therapy. The most popular type of stones used are basalt river stones rich in iron and silica. These stones have been worn smooth over tim by the movement of the river water and they hold the heat well. The stones are usually placed at key jints on the body but they may be held by the therapist and used to massage the body as well. When cold is required, chilled marble stones are used. This method has a particular application for the care of sports injuries but is beneficial for anyone with joint pain and muscle spacsticity. It is a wonderful treatment for stress release and to achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Hot Stone (LaStone© Therapy)

Although stones have been used to alter body temperature since ancient times, LaStone©,is currently the leader in the field. This method was developed in the 1990s by Arizona massage therapist Mary Nelson, the modern pioneer in hot stone therapy. LaStone utilizes smooth, dense stones (basalt and marble) that alternate in temperature, varying from 0 to 60C (32 to 140 F). The benefits of heated/chilled stones for therapeutic results in chronic and acute situations reach beyond today's hydrotherapy methods, taking relaxation and promotion of rejuvenating tissues to a new level.

The benefits of this treatment are different for different people but include improved joint mobility, enhanced movement of lymph and reduction of pain. It loosens tight muscles, stimulates circulation, relaxes the body and can help alleviate the symptoms of depression. Clients often report a relief of stress and anxiety and an improved sense of well-being.

This type of treatment is suitable for most people. Clients report a feeling of relaxation and spiritual wellbeing after a stone massage.

Our therapist for this type of massage is Rosalin Peacock.